I am a reformed Christian, husband, and father. I did 8 years in the military and I am an OEF veteran. I don’t have a college degree or any certifications. Almost everything I have learned has been through Google, Youtube, or the blogs on the internet like I hope this one is for some.

In the worlds of OSINT and hacking, there are any number of resources and methodologies out there. Everyone comes at problems with their own perspectives, tools, eyes, and ideas. In both areas, it can be just as much of an art to how a problem is solved as it is a science.

It is with this in mind that Exploits.run was created. To provide my own unique perspective and ideas on how to solve various problems and to identify perhaps new ways to tackle an investigation. While ideas posted on this site may have been shared elsewhere, my hope is that I can perhaps bring unique perspective or explanation that can equip the next generation of operators to solve the problems they face.