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The Internet of Sonos

A map of WAN Exposed Sonos Devices

Using Password Resets for OSINT

This post is part practical, but mostly story. I’ll go through how I use password resets on various services to gather fragments of information on someone, alongside a story of...

Email Spoofing With Netcat or Telnet

Recently, while having a discussion with a security research team I’m on, we stumbled into discussion about email spoofing. This ultimately led to all sorts of shenanigans including an email...

BSides Portland | OSINT CTF

The final score was close. I placed second as a solo competitor (CWRT), losing to a team of 4.

Parrot OS on Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)

SPECIAL THANKS to Thunder Son for walking through this process with me after I failed to take notes the first time so he could help me grab screenshots and troubleshoot...

Nmap In The Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)

TL;DR: Use an alias on the WSL side to call to the Windows side.